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Top 10 most expensive handbags in the world


The priciest handbags to have ever been sold Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive handbags. These are collector handbags and much different than our handbags. However, for daily use on vacation, Resort Handbags offer a combination of class, sophistication and functionality. Now, there is a handbag that is perfect for the […]

Vacation Handbags Designed for Resorts and Hotels


The perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle Summer 2020 is finally here. It is different than everyone expected with the COVID-19 pandemic. Hotels are closed, resort shuttered, cruises canceled and activities at golf, tennis, and yacht clubs are limited. It is not a good start for the travel season. Hopefully, things will return to some […]

Resort 2020 Collections


Resort 2020 Collections Explore just-released arrivals from top designers Every handbag is an individual work of art in the Resort 2020 Collections. There are no predetermined patterns or color schemes. The handbags are an expression of their love for the product. Neiman Marcus, Burberry, Resort Handbags, Nannacay, Michael Kors, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gigi New York, Rafe, […]

Mexican Totes and Handbags


Oaxaca market for plastic woven handbags. Resort Handbags exclusive offering of 80+ styles.

Best Women’s Resort Handbags for Business and Travel


Best Women’s Resort Handbags for Business and Vacation The perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle. If you are going to a resort, on a cruise or planning time by the pool, Resort Handbags are the perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle. The 2020 Collection is available on Amazon and Our handbags are unique, stylish, […]

SUPER HANDBAGS – The perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle


The perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle All women have their favorite daily-use handbag and several expensive options for special events.  But what about a resort handbag? A handbag that looks great yet can handle a splash of water, dust from a trail ride or storage in a boat compartment.  This article addresses SUPER HANDBAGS […]