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The perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle!

Twenty years ago, most people bought almost everything from a local retailer. However, the internet and e-commerce have drastically changed the way people around the world research and shop for the the things they need. A recent study showed how consumers in different markets use the internet as their modern retail solution for everyday items. Resort Handbags on Amazon – Shop for Women’s Handbags


Consumers are primarily motivated to shop on Amazon by low prices, free shipping, and convenience, finds a new report from Epsilon. And yet these same factors, particularly prices and free shipping, would also help shoppers purchase from another retailer, according to the study.


Amazon provides consumer confidence

A leading 64% cited price as their motivation for shopping on Amazon, with free shipping (60%) a close second. Convenience was also a major factor: a majority (52%) said they shopped on Amazon because it was easy to buy that way, and close to half (47%) said that they used Amazon because it’s a one-stop-shop where they can buy different things they need.


We are a leading importer of handbags from Mexico. Our handbags are recognized for their variety and quality. Handbags and totes are traditionally sold in many venues from local markets to upscale international stores. Oaxaca and Michoacán are the best-known producer of handcrafts. Production techniques are largely unchanged since the colonial periods, made in family workshops.


Our handbags are available on the internet at Amazon and at Resort Handbags on our secure website. Visit and shop today!

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The internet has come a long way in recent years, with many consumers doing everything from shopping to banking to education almost exclusively online. But not everyone is so trusting. In general, trust of online is still lower than of stores. 73 percent of overall respondents trust stores more than online for safe and secure shopping. When comparing online versus offline shoppers, 63 percent of online shoppers and 85 percent of offline shoppers trust stores more.

The trust component in stores versus online

1) 53% of consumers prefer to shop in a store.
2) Those age 45+ are more likely (75%) to trust stores vs. those under 45 (69%).
3) If shopping online, almost all consumers (84%) prefer to use well-known and established online sites with history.

Amazon has changed consumer expectations for shopping. It’s possible to keep current customers, but you need to ensure your brand and shopping experiences meet the new standard. After taking in all this data, you’re left with the decision to compete with Amazon or leverage them as another channel (or do both). Regardless of which way you’re leaning, here are some key points we want to highlight one last time:


Shop at Resort Handbags with confidence!

These women’s handbags are unique,stylish, and made of 100% recycled material. The handbag stands by itself and the padded handles make it very comfortable to carry. The handbag is large enough for gift boxes, cover-ups, wine bottles, or even a cute little Yorkie. You are on the go and Resort Handbags is ready for action. Consequently, making the handbag ideal for a round of golf or a day at the pool. Resort Handbags is the perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle.


Perfect for Resort Activities

Our customers want a handbag that can handle the leather unfriendly conditions found at a resort, yet not carry a handbag that looks like a plastic bucket. The situation requires a handbag that can handle a splash of water, a little trail dust, or a boat storage compartment. Resort Handbag is your best bet if you’re looking for a durable and affordable bag that can hold more than just the essentials. We 100% guarantee you will conclude that Resort Handbags are perfect for your resort lifestyle.

Artwork of handbags

Every handbag is an individual work of art. There are no predetermined patterns or color schemes. The handbags are an expression of their love for the product. We are the master importer of this product. The artisan community highly respects the owner of Resort Handbags. Above all, it demonstrates her continued commitment to designing the perfect handbag. All resort activities are better with Resort Handbags, now available on Amazon.

The perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle now on Amazon.

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