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The perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle

Summer 2020 is finally here. It is different than everyone expected with the COVID-19 pandemic. Hotels are closed, resort shuttered, cruises canceled and activities at golf, tennis, and yacht clubs are limited. It is not a good start for the travel season. Hopefully, things will return to some normality and Americans will be able to get out and enjoy the weather and all the beautiful places there are to visit. This is an introduction to vacation handbags designed for resorts and hotels!

What is a Vacation Handbag?

When you are home, you have several handbags to fit the activity and occasion. It is no different when you go on vacation. Bringing an expensive leather purse on a trip to a water park is never good. Likewise, you can’t go to brunch carrying a handbag that looks more appropriate for a sandy beach. Women need to have a collection of handbags for your resort lifestyle.

A day at the beach

summer-flower-by-resort-handbagsThere is a common handbag design for a day at the beach. The handbag is oversized for towels, has a large opening and a medium drop, and is made of canvas or plastic weave. It is durable and easy to clean. They are usually relatively inexpensive and can be used for a single vacation. While ideal at the beach, these handbags are not acceptable for indoor use, social events or any evening parties at a resort.

Neiman Marcus, Burberry, Resort Handbags, Nannacay, Michael Kors, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gigi New York, Rafe, and Alexander McQueen all made the list for Resort 2020 Collections. These famous handbag designers represent the leaders in the industry. They establish the trends and fashions that inspire customers. But these handbags are not all designed for a splash of water, sand from the beach, or a storage compartment on a boat.


2020 Summer Collection at Resort Handbags

When designing our new collection, we looked at many vacation or resort handbags. For the summer collection, we are staying with our classic design. 100% recycled plastic weave, faux leatherette padded handles and side straps, and a single metal clap on a securing strap. Handcrafted by Artisans in beautiful design makes this the perfect handbag for poolside, cruises, beaches, and resorts.
We work with artisans to deliver a very special handbag. You can immediately see that our offerings are unique and reflective of your exquisite standards. Years of creativity and experience are required to weave the ultimate product. The unparalleled quality is appreciated – the designs and colors are always fresh and dynamic.

Show your resort sophistication

You can immediately see that our offerings are unique and reflective of your exquisite standards. Made for all occasions, these handbags compliment any outfit and are perfect at the most fabulous resorts. The handbags in the 2020 Summer Collection by Resort Handbags go from the poolside to the yacht, plus they are perfect for cocktail parties with style and sophistication.

Our handbags are unique and made especially for our demanding clients. Every handbag is an individual work of art because there are no predetermined patterns or color schemes. The handbags are an expression of their love for the product.

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