How to Clean a Handbag


The Easy Way to Care for Your Resort Handbags

Our 100% recycled material is an oil-based type of plastic material that, when woven using specific techniques, creates a beautiful and durable handbag. Our handbags are naturally resistant to grease, dirt andwater, which makes it very easy to clean. This is the reason why it is a popular material that is perfect for your resort lifestyle. Here are tips on How to Clean a Handbag – 5 Suggestions from Resort Handbags

Steps to clean your handbag

1. First of all, most dirt can be easily wiped off with a damp sponge or paper town. Sand is shaken out very quickly. The faux leatherette can also be wiped with a damp cloth.

2. For deeper cleaning, you can mix four parts of water with one part of dish soap. The result is a powerful cleaning solution that you can use to effectively clean your Resort Handbags. Before you start with the cleaning process, remember to use rubber gloves to protect your hands, and use the cleaning solution sparingly. The material cleans very easily.

3. Wipe your Resort Handbags using a cloth and solution in order to remove the dirt and stains. Since the material is plastic, the removal of dirt will be easy. Hence, it is a must not force the scrubbing process. Avoid abrasive cloths as this can cause marks to the surface of the bag and the metal clasp.

4. After you make sure that the bag is removed from dirt and grime, you may now wash it with plain water. This is to ensure that traces of detergent are removed. Finally, you may leave your handbags outdoors to dry completely. Never attempt to have it dry in the washing machine’s dryer. It is also not recommended that you don’t turn the handbag inside out.

5. Finally, if there are any loose strands or strands with sharp ends, a clean finger name clipper is perfect to trim off the ends of the plastic strands. Don’t cut the strand too short or cut neighboring strands. If the weave does start to separate, push the strands back into place and use a drop of super glue to secure the end.

Designed for years of enjoyment

Resort Handbags are not merely beautiful handbags perfect for you resort lifestyle. They become more and more a necessary accessory because of their many useful benefits. The handbag is large enough for gift boxes, cover-ups, wine bottles, or even a cute little Yorkie. You are on the go and Resort Handbags are ready for action. Work out in the morning, a round of golf, and an afternoon at the pool. Our woven handbags are up to the challenge while looking fabulous.

Resort Handbags are available in a wide variety of bright and beautiful colors. The quality is unparalleled and instantly appreciated. At the same time, they are perfect to be used at premier resorts and hotels around the world. The material is sturdy and of the highest quality, which makes your handbag usable for a long, long time. Enjoy!

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