Plastic Bottles Turned into Beautiful Women’s Handbags by Artisans in Michoacán


Resort Handbags is making a difference in this world

Plastic takes thousands of years to degrade, preventing soil from being used productively and leaching its way into groundwater. One method of plastic waste disposal is burning large piles of plastic. Studies have shown that burning plastic may release carcinogenic toxins into the air. Littering is a common problem, and trash rarely makes it to a landfill. Recognizing the issue of waste disposal as a global problem, it is necessary to create new, lasting solutions. Now is the time for plastic bottles turned into beautiful women’s handbags by artisans in michoacán

Employment Opportunities in Mexico

Providing employment to plastic waste collectors and nearby industries to collect plastic waste, Artisans clean, sort and segregate used plastic based on its color and quality. Cleaned plastic is cut into long strips by women from villages near Guadalajara. The plastic strips of different colors are woven into durable textiles. Nylon is used for the warp, and plastic forms the weft, creating a thick dense material useful for mats, backpacks, or cushions. Weaving is a skill intrinsic to the these Artisans, making plastic waste turned into beautiful women’s handbags.

Protect Our Environment

Recycled plastic textiles is an example of the way Artisans can alter a space and generate income for rural communities. This is a skill that can be easily learned by neo-weavers and can become a source of supplementary income to medium skilled weavers, home-based workers, disabled and senior citizens. In our age of global warming, these opportunities have great significance. Rather than creating new materials, this intervention has found a way to re-use waste and protect our environment from the harsh toxins that modern production technologies may produce.

Artisans Making Resort Handbags

Plastic weaving is now practiced by hundreds of Artisans in Michoacán, Mexico. Resort Handbags actively supports weavers to use plastic, and has led the way in the importation, trade and marketing of this material. Additionally, Resort Handbags works to overturn local stigmas about waste reuse by introducing plastic woven items into the local community.

By using plastic bottles turned into beautiful women’s handbags by artisans in michoacán, Resort Handbags is making a difference in this world.

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