The perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle.

It is time to CRUISE!!!

The day has finally arrived and you are ready to begin packing for a 7-day Caribbean cruise. It will be a trip of a lifetime.

Finding a cruise handbag that is not only stylish but durable enough to handle a day at the pool, an excursion into town or even deck walks on sea days. No one wants to spend the day worried about having their favorite leather purse get soaked and ruined on a fabulous trip.

Resort Handbags

A cruise is a very unfriendly environment for your expensive leather handbag. There is a chance for a splash of water, moisture from the tropical air and even a spilled cocktail. Every woman has lived the struggle of trying to find a purse that can handle these conditions, yet not having to carry a handbag that looks like a plastic shopping bag.

At Resort Handbags, we have the solution! It is

Confetti Sprinkle by Resort Handbags

a 100% recycled plastic weave that looks great, stays secure and is easy to clean. Finally, a durable handbag that complements your style when cruising to the top ports in the world.

While there are plenty of plastic woven totes out there, it was trickier than anticipated to find a handbag that was as fashionable as it was functional. But after much research and testing, we managed to find the new 2020 Collection from Resort Handbags.

Resort Handbags feature a very sturdy design. They stand-up by themselves and the padded faux leatherette handles are easy to grab and carry. A metal buckle on a complimentary strap keeps your belongs secure and safe.

They go from dock to dock with style and functionality. In addition, we wanted a reasonably priced handbag because it might be one vacation or limited use handbag in our collection. We think you will love our prices.  Enjoy shopping.

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