RESORT HANDBAGS – The perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle

autumn gold by resort handbags

Resort Handbags

The perfect handbag for your resort lifestyle

Autumn Day by Resort Handbags

Diamond Brilliance – A perfect handbag for a sunny fall day. The light brown handles and side straps contrast perfectly with the light tan, black and gold weave. This handbag is a complement to any outfit and offers versatility. Get ready for a lot of compliments when you carry this handbag at the resort.

A handbag that receives many compliments.

Our handbags are unique, stylish, and made of 100% recycled material. The handbag stands by itself and the padded handles make it very comfortable to carry. The dimensions are 14″ wide, 13″ tall and 6″ wide. The total length is 22″ with the short handles. The handbag is large enough for gift boxes, coverups, wine bottles or even a cute little Yorkie.

They feel very luxurious.

Resort Handbags feature a side two-position closure, a closed position for security or open to carry larger items. The front clasp provides a secure attachment for the flap that holds the bag closed. Hand-sewn padded leatherette handles are one of the best features of Resort Handbags. Autumn Day is inspired by the fresh clean smell of a fall day.

Handcrafted with quality

Individual artisans handcraft each handbag. We encourage them to use their creativity, experience, and skill to create the ultimate resort handbag. The quality is unparalleled and instantly appreciated. Because the designs and colors are constantly changing, our product selection is always fresh and dynamic. If you want one for yourself or a loved one, you’ll have to be quick. Autumn Day is a very popular handbag.

Autumn Day is part of Resort Handbags’ Light Colors Collection.  The handbag includes a white handbag dust cover.

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